Pen special feature 2

0● Overhaul and refresh are done like this

○Refresh the exterior ・Remove rust, dullness, etc. from metal parts ・Remove age-related dust and tar ・Replace the pasted leather with the original color

*Some items may be left with the default leather.

○ Lens and finder related ・Clean dirt such as mold ・Focus infinity adjustment

*Please note that there may be some traces of mold removed, but this will not affect the quality of the photo.

○ Winding related ・Hoisting shaft disassembly cleaning/greasing ・Film counter cleaning/lubricating
○Shutter related ・Remove old seeping oil that causes shutter failure and lubricate with fresh oil.
・Defective selenium photocell replacement

○Others ・Check the operation of each part ・Replace the malt

*Although we take great care in maintaining each camera, each camera is from 50 to 60 years ago, so their condition may vary. If you experience any initial defects during the warranty period, please contact us.

*Dropping or submersion in water is not covered by the warranty even during the warranty period.