Used compensation

[About warranty]
The product has been thoroughly inspected, but since it is a used item, please contact us immediately after purchase. Please be sure to check the operation and perform a live-action test. .
・Each product is 3 months/1 month/ We have a 7 day warranty period. .
・Currently sold items, consigned items, and accessories are not covered by the warranty. .
・Regarding the warranty contents, either refund, exchange, or repair (within the purchase price range) .
・Even within the warranty period, the following cases will not be covered by the warranty: .
1. Failure or damage due to carelessness or misuse .
2. Failure or damage caused by repair, modification, disassembly and cleaning, etc. by someone other than our store. .
3. Malfunctions and damage caused by mud, water, sand, etc., falling, impact, etc. .
4.Light meters are not always accurate. Exposure accuracy is not covered by warranty.
5.The operation of the DATE function, built-in flash, and waterproof/dustproof functions are not covered by the warranty.
6.The condition of the bellows and cloth curtains are not covered by the warranty.

rank explanation Warranty period


The Olympus Pen series that has been serviced at our store comes with a 3-month warranty regardless of rank.

3 months from date of purchase


Unless there are any special notes, operation has been confirmed and you can shoot without any problems. Guaranteed

1 month or 7 days from the date of purchase

[About inventory and accessories]

*Since the product stock is shared with the store, there is a possibility that the product may be sold out at the time of your order. You can also inquire about stock availability by phone or email.

*As this is a used item, items not listed in the accessories list, such as the original box and instruction manual, are not included.