Store introduction

The main store is on the right, and the Junk Garage, which sells junk cameras, is on the left.

Safe “Tokyo CAMERA main store”

At our main store, we have a selection of attractive film cameras to satisfy camera enthusiasts and enthusiasts alike.

In addition, so that even beginners can shop with peace of mind, we provide careful support, from selecting products that meet your needs and goals to providing advice on how to use them.

Photo of Tokyo Camera's main store in Akihabara

"Junk Garage" that stimulates creativity

Junk Garage, a store located in a parking lot, is stocked with junk products that change weekly.

Since the store is unmanned, it is a comfortable space for enthusiast customers who want to take their time choosing products without being stared at by store staff.

We provide the fun of repairing and modifying products by yourself, such as products that are still usable for some reason and are not covered by a warranty, and parts for products that are broken and need repair.

AS-IS ONLY Refund, Return NO Guarantee

We believe it is our mission to help our customers create the memories and moments they cherish through our cameras. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We promise to continue to be the ideal camera shop for our customers.

Directions from Akihabara Station

Directions from Suehiro Town