consignment sale

We accept orders for consignment sales of cameras.

Please bring lenses and cameras that have become less popular recently to the store.
We will determine the price after consultation. Payment can be made approximately 10 days after the sale is completed.

We will display the consigned products you have entrusted to us in stores, post them on the website, and sell them as soon as possible.
The procedure is very simple, just bring your unnecessary lenses and camera equipment.
Our sales staff will advise you on your desired price and help you sell your product quickly.
We ask that products sold on consignment be in good working order. (Consultation accepted when bringing in items)

Consignment sales easy steps

Pattern 1: Consignment reception at the store

Please have the following items ready and bring your consignment items with you when you come to our store.
①Identification card (driver's license, insurance card, My Number card, passport, etc.)
②For those who wish to pay by bank transfer (cash card, passbook)

Pattern 2: For home delivery reception

We can also accept inquiries by phone or email.
Please contact Tokyo CAMERA by phone or email, and after consulting with us, we will also accept shipping charges paid on delivery to Tokyo CAMERA. >
①Required documents (identification card; driver's license, insurance card, my number card, passport, etc.)
②For bank transfer (cash card, passbook, copy of either)

Commission fee
Sales amount (excluding tax) commission(%)
minimum fee Flat rate 6000 yen
20,000 yen or more - less than 299,900 yen 30%
From 300,000 yen 20%

*Sales example
100,000 yen (excluding tax) - (100,000 yen x 30% = 30,000 yen) = 70,000 yen will be your portion.
The selling price at the store is 110,000 yen (tax included)
Payment can be made 10 days after the sale.
*Customers who receive by bank transfer are responsible for paying the transfer fee.

Storage period
Basic 2 months (maximum 6 months)
Please reduce the price by 10% for consigned items that are older than 2 months.
Or please consider purchasing.
If you cancel your consignment within one month, you will be required to pay a consignment cancellation fee of 6,000 yen. (No cancellation fee if 1 month has passed)